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"Life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a mother".

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Mathruvedhi is not just a group of mothers but is a family being formed in our Parish to strengthen our community. We all know how Mothers play an important role in everyone's lives; they are the first teachers, influencers, and supporters. We see members in this group as being the most active in all Church activities and events. The members are a group of multi-talented women not only taking care of their families and homes but also professional wonder women. Mathruvedhi has taken the responsibility of building the church through the formation of a support system that enables and empowers their family members to contribute in all their capacity, to form a wonderful Church.

Our children who attend the Catechism classes are always surprised to see so many catechists/faith-formators/teachers being their mothers and they realize what a wealth of knowledge their mothers possess.


Active participation in Church choir and associated Liturgical activities during the Holy Mass is very important to us. We also are honing our interests in the floral arrangement for the Altar as we believe that this is how we can revere the Lord and help the faithful in our Church community to worship in pleasant surroundings.


Mathruvedhi is often called upon for their culinary skills in the preparation and sale of a delectable range of food items. The team does this with much enthusiasm, as they are happy to feed the parish and not just their homes. The items are delicacies otherwise they are the regulars but whatever the menu, everything is sold off in QuickTime because mothers prepare all dishes with so many ingredients and oodles of love and that makes each dish tasty.

Charity begins at home and mothers have always known that there is always something in their homes that can be of use to another needy person and the drive to lend a helping hand has always been there. The team is looking to organize such campaigns frequently so that all their family members also realize the value of each object that is present in the house and its utility. The goal is to move to a more utilitarian approach rather than be a hoarder of prized decor.


Mothers want to have their periodic gatherings through organized outings/picnics. Visits to key religious sites in the state and country are in the pipeline to deepen our Christian values and uphold the dignity of our lives in the true Christian spirit.

For every child, their mother has been their first guardian angel, always loving, listening attentively, and providing

emotional support. We often see mothers intercede for others in need, through their novenas, stations of the Cross, Holy Rosaries, and other prayers.


There are one-to-many nightingales (nurses) in our Parish and that is testimony to the fact that mothers are and will always be a selfless support to all such social causes and key roles in the society.


We are novices in forming this Mathruvedhi community, but we are super learners and performers. We have lined up many activities in the year and our calendar looks quite packed. Others must now place their requests and they are in a queue to be considered!

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Through the unstinted support of our beloved Parish priest, the intercession of the Holy Mother, and the support of our families; Mathruvedhi will strive to attain the objectives of this group. Our Office bearers adequately govern this team in pursuing the vision of Mathruvedhi.

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