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Children Singing in a Choir

 Church Choir

The St. Sebastian's Church Choir is well-known for its vibrant singing. The Choir group leads the parish with their music and singing, to have everybody take part in church service in high spirits. The ensemble of singers is dedicated to their efforts and a lot of them put in hours of practice before an event.

Every member, young or old, at St. Sebastian's Church (Indiranagar & Halasuru), will always enjoy the choristers’ singing praises to our God.


Our Choir performs music from a range that spans generations so that everyone in Church can connect and sing along with the tune for hymns.


The Choir leads are always in the endeavor of getting a blend of vocalists to sing in a unified sound by taking care of the balance and tone quality.

Singing in the choir is inspirational and we are blessed with music and words to devote ourselves to the Service of the Lord.

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