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Alter Service

Altar Service is a calling that is to be answered. Just vision the set; the Lord is present on the Altar and all Altar servers (looking like angels) are around to serve our Lord and God, Jesus Christ. Servers are privileged to be addressed as liturgical ministers in the Parish and have an important role in the Eucharistic celebrations. 
In our Parish, Altar servers are a mix of girls and boys, and they look to serve the Lord after their first Holy Communion. All servers are trained before they step into this role and there are also periodic refresher trainings held by our Parish Priest / Deacons / Brothers. Altar Servers are required to go for regular confession and be responsible in their duties, which are keenly carried out in reverence during all parts of the Holy

Mass. Overall, Altar Servers assist the Priest before, during and after the Holy Mass; all the while maintaining sanctity in the surroundings of the sanctuary, bema and sacristy. Servers are guided by their Patron St. John Berchmans, who lived in early 17th century and was instrumental in the formation of Altar Servers.

All Altar Servers adorn a proper attire, consisting of the Alb (vestment) and Cincture (belt). They are seen to perform the assigned duties during the Holy Mass in an orderly manner, maintaining the decorum in their services. Some of the activities that form as a part of the service are carrying the cross and procession candles; holding the book of scriptures for the celebrant Priest; carrying the incense and censer; assisting in the washing of hands by the Priest; presenting the bread (host), wine (in a decanter) and water (in a cruet) to the Priest during the preparation of the gifts; ringing the altar bell in a timely manner; assisting the Priest when he receives the offertory gifts from the parishioners; reciting prayers and responding to the various parts of the mass; bringing in the ciboriums (bowls) to put consecrated hosts; receiving the Holy Communion. All children have their own copies of the transliterate mass books for effective participation in the Holy Mass and they are reminded regularly to receive the sacraments.

The children conclude their summation of Altar Service in these thoughtful words; "Lord Jesus, thank you for the opportunity to serve you during the Holy Mass. May your Spirit always guide me so I may grow in your love by the grace of the Heavenly Father. Amen.".

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